Best of the Bay

The Bay Area is known for a variety of things. From our sports teams to our up-and-coming start up companies, we basically have it all. So it should come as little to no surprise that we have plenty of great coffee shops as well, I mean, how else would our engineers stay awake? In today’s post, I will be discussing my personal favorite coffee shops in the Bay Area, California.  Continue reading


Best At-Home Coffee Machines

The biggest reason that people do not make coffee at home is because “it does not taste the same”. Now, in my earlier post, I mentioned ways to make sure that your coffee at home tastes as good as the one you get at a coffee shop. However, that is more for those who enjoy black coffee. So what about those of us that want a morning latte? Well, I got you covered. Today I will be mentioning the top 5 at-home latte machines.  Continue reading


Coffee beans have been, of course, the common theme among every post. Whether in its grounded form or when still on a tree, we have mentioned it all. But there is so much more to speak about, especially in regards to the roasting process. So today we are going to go even deeper about the process of roasting.  Continue reading

Get the Most out of Your Morning Brew

pexels-photoDrinking coffee in the morning is a vital part of most of our days. A majority of us will pop on over to the nearest coffee shop and order our delicious cup, usually spending $4-5 in the process. However, there are also a few of us who wake up in the morning and complete their ritual by brewing their own cup of coffee. These people tend to save more money by doing so, so why do more of us not do this? Well, it is because we are afraid it will not taste as good as what we order from a shop. But it will, and today I am here to teach you how to get the most out of your own home brew. Continue reading

History of Coffee

pexels-photo-297755For many of us, coffee has been a huge part of our lives. In fact, most of us can not even get up in the morning without it. From waking us up in the morning to allowing us to catch up with old friends, coffee has done it all. Coffee has been there for a lot of us through the worst and best of times. That is all what it has done for us, but what about coffee itself? Where did it come from? How did this beautiful beverage come to be? Continue reading

One Drink Too Many (part 2)

pexels-photo-192527As promised, I am back with your coffee fix. In my last post we covered a handful of coffee drinks all of which you can order at any coffee shop you please. The point of this is to encourage you all to venture out and try different drinks. I know first hand how intimidating it could be to try something new, especially when you do not really know much about what you are trying. So today we will be talking about cappuccinos, flat whites, mochas, and, my personal favorite, the affogato.  Continue reading