What’s in Your Cup

Name after name. Word after word. Letters that do not make sense. Sound familiar? Well, maybe not all can relate to the feeling of not knowing what you are ordering at a coffee shop, but I most definitely can. Before I learned more about coffee, I had no clue what half of the items on the menu were. Macchiato – what? Affogato – who? Continue reading


Tea, Please

Going into coffee shops, you assume you are going to what is in the name, coffee. But what about tea? When we enter a shop, we find a large list of various coffee beverages, but unless you are in a chain shop, you hardly find any teas.  Continue reading

Best of the Bay

The Bay Area is known for a variety of things. From our sports teams to our up-and-coming start up companies, we basically have it all. So it should come as little to no surprise that we have plenty of great coffee shops as well, I mean, how else would our engineers stay awake? In today’s post, I will be discussing my personal favorite coffee shops in the Bay Area, California.  Continue reading

One Drink Too Many (part 2)

pexels-photo-192527As promised, I am back with your coffee fix. In my last post we covered a handful of coffee drinks all of which you can order at any coffee shop you please. The point of this is to encourage you all to venture out and try different drinks. I know first hand how intimidating it could be to try something new, especially when you do not really know much about what you are trying. So today we will be talking about cappuccinos, flat whites, mochas, and, my personal favorite, the affogato.  Continue reading

One Drink Too Many

pexels-photo-147550Walking into a coffee shop, you may find yourself becoming a bit confused, or even overwhelmed, when looking at the menu. Even though your curiosity is a little peaked, you do not really know what most of these drinks consist of, so in order to avoid looking uneducated in front of the slightly intimidating barista, you order your plain black coffee and leave. But what were those other drinks? What do all these names mean? Continue reading

More Than Just Coffee

pexels-photo-92019Usually when we walk into our local coffee shop, we order our coffee by size and flavor. Essentially, we see coffee as just that; nothing more, nothing less. But the truth is that our favorite morning beverage and energy drink goes beyond the simple word “coffee”. There are four main types that I will be covering: American, Espresso, Lungo, and Ristretto. Continue reading