What is the Big Idea?

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, you have probably heard about the Unicorn Frappuccino that Starbucks launched for an extremely limited time. However, getting your hands on one made it even more rare, as finding a store that served one was next to impossible. However, along with this fame came a lot of criticism. But why? Continue reading


Coffee Museums

So your love for coffee has exceeded what most would deem as ‘normal’. You feel like you have visited almost every good coffee shop in existence and you have perfected your own home brew beyond belief. What next? Does your journey as a coffee lover end here? Of course not! Lucky for you, there are coffee museums out there for you to enjoy as well. I mean, who said it was only about the drinks? Continue reading

History of Coffee

pexels-photo-297755For many of us, coffee has been a huge part of our lives. In fact, most of us can not even get up in the morning without it. From waking us up in the morning to allowing us to catch up with old friends, coffee has done it all. Coffee has been there for a lot of us through the worst and best of times. That is all what it has done for us, but what about coffee itself? Where did it come from? How did this beautiful beverage come to be? Continue reading