Equipment For Opening a Coffee Shop

So your love of coffee has exceeded the ‘normal’ zone. In fact, it has gone far enough that you decide you want to start your own coffee shop. Despite the finances and the business aspect, what equipment do you actually need in order to open a shop? Well, lucky for you, I have a few basics that can jumpstart your coffee career. Continue reading


Chemex Coffee

In the year of 2017, coffee has come a long way. Nowadays it seems as if no one is concerned with the type of coffee they get, but more so with how it is made. I suppose it is now the aesthetic of coffee that captures the interest of many, not the tastes. One recent coffee machine invention, that looks strangely like a chemistry beaker, is sure to peak your interest. Let us take a look.  Continue reading

Best At-Home Coffee Machines

The biggest reason that people do not make coffee at home is because “it does not taste the same”. Now, in my earlier post, I mentioned ways to make sure that your coffee at home tastes as good as the one you get at a coffee shop. However, that is more for those who enjoy black coffee. So what about those of us that want a morning latte? Well, I got you covered. Today I will be mentioning the top 5 at-home latte machines.  Continue reading

Get the Most out of Your Morning Brew

pexels-photoDrinking coffee in the morning is a vital part of most of our days. A majority of us will pop on over to the nearest coffee shop and order our delicious cup, usually spending $4-5 in the process. However, there are also a few of us who wake up in the morning and complete their ritual by brewing their own cup of coffee. These people tend to save more money by doing so, so why do more of us not do this? Well, it is because we are afraid it will not taste as good as what we order from a shop. But it will, and today I am here to teach you how to get the most out of your own home brew. Continue reading