Coffee Museums

So your love for coffee has exceeded what most would deem as ‘normal’. You feel like you have visited almost every good coffee shop in existence and you have perfected your own home brew beyond belief. What next? Does your journey as a coffee lover end here? Of course not! Lucky for you, there are coffee museums out there for you to enjoy as well. I mean, who said it was only about the drinks?

Here is a list of coffee museums all throughout the world. Of course, be sure to check opening hours and admission prices through the linked websites. Be warned though, only a handful of these museums exist, so be ready to take a few plane rides to get here!

  1. Alchymist Coffee Museum – Prague
  2. Caffe Chicco Doro – Milan
  3. Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee – London
  4. The Coffee Museum – Saint Petersburg

As I mentioned before, coffee museums are actually a rarity. And the fact that most of them are located overseas in Europe says a lot about how special it would be to visit one of these. I really encourage you all to visit these museums if you ever just happen to be in the area. I mean what coffee lover would not want to experience this?