Equipment For Opening a Coffee Shop

So your love of coffee has exceeded the ‘normal’ zone. In fact, it has gone far enough that you decide you want to start your own coffee shop. Despite the finances and the business aspect, what equipment do you actually need in order to open a shop? Well, lucky for you, I have a few basics that can jumpstart your coffee career.

The first thing you will need, is of course, an espresso machine. I mean, what kind of coffee shop would you be if you were not able to serve your customers beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos?

Additionally, you are going to want both an espresso grinder and a commercial coffee grinder. Why both? Well, for one, how else are you going to serve espresso beverages if you are not grinding the beans? Also, it is important to have a grinder for regular coffee as you do not want to neglect any customers that prefer their regular cup of Joe. You also will want to obtain a coffee brewer to brew your regular black coffee.

Water. Water is the most important thing that you will need in your coffee shop. Coffee is about 98 percent water, so it only makes sense that it is going to be needed. However, you want to ensure that the water which you use does not contain many minerals, as the more minerals your water has, the quicker your espresso machine will have mineral buildup and break down. That is something that we do not want to happen.

A refrigerator is also necessary for your coffee shop as you will need a place to store items such as milk and possible even cold brew, if your store decides to sell this. In addition to a refrigerator, you will want to have a dishwasher to quickly and efficiently wash all dirty dishes.

Of course, you are going to be selling coffee, so it only makes sense that you will need both a credit card machine and a cash register. This will allow customers to use cash or card, whichever one they please, and also a POS machine will allow you to track how many of each item you are selling, all the while making your sales possible.