Chemex Coffee

In the year of 2017, coffee has come a long way. Nowadays it seems as if no one is concerned with the type of coffee they get, but more so with how it is made. I suppose it is now the aesthetic of coffee that captures the interest of many, not the tastes. One recent coffee machine invention, that looks strangely like a chemistry beaker, is sure to peak your interest. Let us take a look. 

The Chemex is a relatively affordable way to brew your coffee at home, as it retails for about $35. That is not too bad, as a French Press can cost about $40 online. But what exactly is this unique looking contraption?

Chemex was first created in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD.  Ever since then, this company has been family owned. Today, you can not only order it, but you can also find it in its permanent display at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Yes, you read that right, this coffee device is actually a legitimate work of art.

So what exactly is this made of? Well, according to their website, the Chemex is simply made from non-porous, borosilicate glass and then is fastened with a wood collar and tie. The result? An amazing cup of coffee with none of its flavors imparted from the process.

Personally, I have yet to try this, but according to multiple reviews online, this is definitely the way to go if you are looking into a new method of brewing your own coffee.