Best of the Bay

The Bay Area is known for a variety of things. From our sports teams to our up-and-coming start up companies, we basically have it all. So it should come as little to no surprise that we have plenty of great coffee shops as well, I mean, how else would our engineers stay awake? In today’s post, I will be discussing my personal favorite coffee shops in the Bay Area, California. 

My all time favorite coffee shop would most definitely have to be Social Policy. Located just a minute walk from the San Jose State University campus, this shop is my go-to for studying, writing, and catching up with friends. With affordable prices, good coffee, and a great atmosphere, SoPo has it all . They even have hand made pottery with succulents that are available for purchase!

The next best place would have to be the famed Blue Bottle. Blue Bottle has locations scattered all over the Bay, from Palo Alto to San Francisco. My preferred location would definitely be the one in Palo Alto because, as a student, the atmosphere just incites productivity. This is also one of the few coffee shops that serve affogatos, so if you are ever looking for your coffee and ice cream fix, this is most definitely the place.

Next up on my list is Sue’s Gallery. This shop has, hands down, the best matcha lattes I have ever had in the Bay Area. Located in the quaint city of Saratoga, the location could not be any more beautiful. The inside of Sue’s Gallery, although a bit small, is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops that I have ever been too. I definitely recommend coming here to get your coffee fix and to catch up with old friends.

Continuing on, we have One Oz. Coffee located in Santa Clara, California. Now, be warned, finding this shop is a bit difficult, as it is located in the middle of multiple business buildings, so it does take a little walking. This is more of a coffee bar, but the environment is beautiful. There are wooden benches and lush green grass around the bar, and the employees could not be any more nice. I recommend coming here on a warm afternoon to get some work done and soak up the warm California sun.

My final favorite place in the Bay Area would have to be Big Mug Coffee Roasters, also located in Santa Clara, California. Big Mug, thankfully, is a large facility, making it the perfect place for study groups, and friends, to meet up. However, the only downside is that, because of this, it gets insanely busy, so be sure to be ready to wait a little in order to find a spot. Despite that, their coffees and teas are honestly some of the best that I have ever had. They truly have something for every type of coffee drinker.