One Drink Too Many

pexels-photo-147550Walking into a coffee shop, you may find yourself becoming a bit confused, or even overwhelmed, when looking at the menu. Even though your curiosity is a little peaked, you do not really know what most of these drinks consist of, so in order to avoid looking uneducated in front of the slightly intimidating barista, you order your plain black coffee and leave. But what were those other drinks? What do all these names mean?Let us start with the basic espresso drink. This is super simple and consists of only espresso shots. You can always add a bit of milk to this drink, but if you order an espresso, you are only going to get the espresso shots unless you specify otherwise. This drink is perfect for a quick shot of energy, in fact, this is what most college students will get during finals week when they need to stay up late.

Next we have the macchiato. If you are a Starbucks person, you likely have heard people in front of you ordering this or you have seen someone holding it. At Starbucks, a macchiato consists of espresso shots on top of a lot of milk. However, this is an incorrect version of the drink. Macchiatos are focused more on the espresso, in fact, the drink, when correctly made, consists of espresso shots with just a dollop of steamed milk and foam. This is usually meant to be consumed quickly and is perfect for those who need the energy but do not want to down straight espresso.

We also have the classic Americano. This is also a relatively simple drink that is made up of espresso shots and hot water. The water dilutes the potency of the espresso grinds, making it a bit easier to drink for those who do not enjoy the strong taste of coffee.

Of course, what would this list be without going over the original latte. Lattes are, in my opinion, one of, if not the most, basic drink you can get at a coffee shop. With espresso shots, steamed milk, and a bit of foam on top, you can not go wrong with ordering this drink. The milk makes this drink a bit more sweet, but the fun thing is, if your coffee shop has syrups, you can add some flavor, and more sweetness, to your latte. Syrups range from vanilla to even hazelnut, but remember to ask your barista first what syrups they offer to avoid any confusion.

There are so many more drinks out there to cover to ensure that you do not get confused the next time you go to a coffee shop and want to order something a bit different. I will be back next Monday with another post talking about the other types of drinks you can order. In the mean time, go out and try ordering one of the drinks I mentioned today! And do not forget that you can customize the amount of shots, flavor, and milk! Coffee is tailored for you, so remember, what works for one person may not work for another, it is all trial and error.