Beauty and the Brew

pexels-photo-62462Brewing a cup of coffee is an art form but it seems that new technology is reducing this art to the simple push of a button.  With the introductions of Keurig, KCup, and instant coffee, it is not surprising that we are losing sight of the different ways our coffee is brewed. Let us not forget the beauty behind the brew. 

Some brewing methods include Espresso, Turkish, and drip.

Espresso is a method in which hot water is pushed through a layer of extremely compacted coffee grinds. For more information on espresso and the many ways you can make an espresso beverage, check out my last post.

Turkish coffee is very similar to espresso in that hot water is being pushed through coffee grinds. However, the difference is that the water is near boiling and is infused with finely ground coffee rather than simply being pushed through as with espresso. It is the size of the coffee grounds, which is almost a powder, that make this method so unique. In fact, there are no electric machines for producing Turkish coffee.

The drip method is one which is used in almost every coffee shop in North America. The process goes as follows: you first grind up the desired beans and put them on top of a filter. Next, you pour hot water over it and allow the now coffee concentrated water drip into the cup. This is extremely simple to do, but it requires a specific level of skill as it is easy to have coffee grounds contaminate your cup and ruin what should have been a clear cup of coffee.

There are other methods of brewing coffee such as the French Press, Moka Pot, and cold brew. I will go over those in my post this Monday.